University of Pennsylvania is Leading the Way in Solar Power Transition Among Ivy League Schools


A ribbon cutting at Penn
Image via Facebook, Penn Sustainability.
The University of Pennsylvania is leading the way in the transition to solar power thanks to its new AES Corporation partnership.

Thanks to its partnership with AES Corporation, the University of Pennsylvania is leading the way among the Ivy League schools in the transition to solar power, writes Steve Hanley for CleanTechnica.

The university is getting its power from two large solar farms located in central Pennsylvania. They consist of 485,000 solar panels that have a capacity of 220 MW. Both farms became fully operational in December.

Per the power purchase agreement from 2020 with Community Energy, which was acquired by AES Corporation, Penn will purchase the entire output of both solar farms. The university will pay the company for electricity produced by the project and in return, it receives solar renewable energy credits.

“I couldn’t be prouder that we’ve made such rapid, milestone progress toward carbon neutrality, not only for Penn but for the city of Philadelphia,” said Interim President J. Larry Jameson during Energy Week.

The transition to renewable energy first took shape in 2009, when Penn released its first Climate Action Plan.

Today, it is operating under the Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 3.0, with the goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2042.

Read more about the University of Pennsylvania and how it has led the way in solar power transition among Ivy League schools in CleanTechnica.


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