Guided By Inspiration and Perseverance, Philly Artist Justin Wadlington is Now a Star in the Local Creative Scene

Artist Justin Wadlington with a painting of Jay-Z.
Image via Twitter.
Justin Wadlington is a supremely talented and creative artist from Southwest Philadelphia.

For as long as he can remember, Justin Wadlington has been enamored with the world of art and creativity, but it took a while to transition it from a hobby to a career, writes Earl Hopkins for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

As a child, Wadlington could often be found making sketches of X-Men characters and submitting them to his school’s drawing competition. His high school teachers saw his artistic talent from the start. Wadlington, however, did not.

“Back then, I knew I could draw, but I didn’t think it was special,” he said.

Growing up in Southwest Philadelphia, he endured many challenges, from losing both parents at a young age to living in and out of group homes until he was old enough to live on his own.

As a young adult, he felt he needed to get a job. Therefore, his art took a backseat.

However, while working at an airline job, a trip to Cancun, Mexico, reignited Wadlington’s artistic flame. 

While in the break room, he found himself sketching again and later began sharing his work on social media.

Wadlington’s goal is “to do impossible stuff” and inspire others to do the same. 

His journey is the subject of a new Amazon Prime documentary titled, “Blind Eye Artist.”

Read more about Justin Wadlington’s work and inspiration at The Philadelphia Inquirer.


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