Wall Street Journal: Rituals Like Betting on the Flyers’ Stanley Cup Chances Can Pay Dividends for People in Any Phase of Life

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When Philadelphia-based writer Robbie Shell first retired, she didn’t believe rituals would be a part of the equation as she entered into this new stage of her life.

However, she soon saw its value, she writes for The Wall Street Journal

“To me, rituals were daily or weekly routines that organized time efficiently with the goal of simply getting jobs done and checking off a box,” said Shell.

In retirement, she felt that the level of structure and organization of a daily or weekly schedule would go away.

However, it isn’t always the case.

“They are more than disconnected, recurrent acts. They are the keeper of memories that might otherwise fade away,” she noted.

Since coming to that realization, Shell has created new rituals.

This includes having a weekly coffee date with two women she met at an adult education French course years ago; weekly visits to a 92-year-old woman she previously met through volunteer work; and a daily post-breakfast meeting with her husband.

Shell also has sports-related rituals.

Namely, she bets a former colleague each winter that the Philadelphia Flyers will win the Stanley Cup

She also sings the Philadelphia Eagles’ fight song during each game while her 2018 Super Bowl scarf lies on the back of her seat. 

Read more about Robbie Shell’s rituals at The Wall Street Journal.


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