Philadelphia Eagles’ Culture Key to Welcoming, Acclimating New Players


Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles' general manager.
Image via Philadelphia Eagles.
Howie Roseman is the executive vice president and general manager for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles have a way of making newcomers to the team feel welcome almost immediately, writes Reuben Frank for NBC Sports Philadelphia

Over his time as general manager, Howie Roseman has signed countless players and made numerous trades with the goal of upgrading the team.

This season alone, Roseman has brought in Bradley Roby and Julio Jones as free agents and recently traded for Kevin Byard from the Tennessee Titans.

No matter who gets added to the team, the Eagles have a way of effectively acclimating new players into their locker room.

For Jalen Hurts, two factors are in play to be accredited: culture and winning.

“When you have guys that come in, or guys that come on to the team in the middle of the year, they take a lot of pride in that because they respect the things that we’ve been able to do and win,” said Hurts. 

To coach Nick Sirianni, leadership is key.

“It’s about being intentional about your core values, mainly connecting, and see how things are working in here. It’s really up to our leaders,” he said. 

From general manager to coach to quarterback, team captains, and veterans, the Eagles have leaders from the top down.

Read more about how the Eagles approach new additions to the team in NBC Sports Philadelphia.


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