“That Place is a Lot of Fun. It is Unique,” NFL Reporter Pam Oliver Had This to Say about Lincoln Financial Field 


Pam Oliver is a senior correspondent and Fox NFL reporter.
Image via Fox Sports.
Pam Oliver has worked as an Fox NFL reporter since 2014.

After working more than 30 years in the sports journalism industry, Pam Oliver has seen and done just about it all, writes Richard Deitsch for The Athletic.  

Since 2014, Oliver has worked as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports.  

With 32 NFL teams and hundreds of games each season, Oliver has been to each home team’s field several times over the years.  

This includes Lincoln Financial Field in South Philadelphia, the home of the Philadelphia Eagles.  

It’s a place in which she often has a great time. 

Oliver always judges each team’s home fields by how friendly or hostile its fans are. 

When it comes to Eagles fans, Oliver has often experienced a really good energy about them. 

“They’re passionate about their football and they want good football,” said Oliver. 

With that passion comes honesty, and that is something Oliver appreciates as both a sports fan and reporter. 

“If the Eagles don’t deliver, the fans let them know,” she said. 

Put it all together, and those very fans are the main reason why Oliver places Lincoln Financial Field as one of her likely top five favorite home fields to attend during the NFL season. 

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Fox Sports NFL sideline reporter Pam Oliver talks about her journey in the sports journalism field.

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