New Café-Bookstore in Kensington Brews More Than Just Coffee

American Grammar cafe-bookstore
Image via 6ABC.

Since it opened in Kensington earlier this summer, American Grammar has quickly become a hub for creativity and a place that is happy to give back to the community, reports Christie Ileto for 6ABC.

Once inside, you will find coffee, culture, and carefully curated books. The shop at the intersection of North Front Street and Diamond Street is owned by Terrence Wiley and his partner, Terry Wiley. Their goal was to bring something different to the neighborhood that is known as the epicenter of the opioid epidemic.

“Those streets that sort of pour into this particular intersection channel completely different people,” said Terrence. “You will find people commenting on the absurdity of a coffee shop juxtaposed with a methadone clinic. But for me, it’s important to confront that and be honest about it.”

There are hundreds of books inside the shop. Most of them are by American authors and focus on social and environmental justice. The furnishings at the shop are also planet-friendly, as they have been repurposed from other found objects.

“I want people to come in and be sort of at first at peace but also provoked by the furniture, by the books, by the art,” said Terrence.

Read more about American Grammar and the respite it’s becoming in Kensington at 6ABC.


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