Overcoming Procrastination for a More Productive Workplace


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In today’s fast-paced work environment, professionals are often bogged down by administrative tasks, unexpected emergencies, and seemingly endless virtual meetings. A recent Microsoft analysis reveals that employees spend almost a third more time communicating than actually producing, writes Rachel Feintzeig for The Wall Street Journal.  

This constant engagement leaves many feeling drained, with little energy or time to pursue projects that could elevate their careers. 

Juliet Funt, an author of a book about carving out space for creativity and reflection in the workday, notes that the modern work culture equates business with importance. 

This mindset has led to a reluctance to tackle significant tasks. Funt suggests creating personal accountability mechanisms, such as setting a timer or listing top priorities, to refocus on essential tasks. 

Procrastination often stems from a lack of confidence. Fuschia Sirois, a psychology professor at England’s Durham University, remarks, “It’s easier to keep it imaginary.”  

To combat this, she advises making goals tangible, like using visual reminders. Her research indicates that understanding a task’s personal significance can reduce procrastination. 

Stephanie Kramer, L’Oréal’s HR chief in the United States, emphasizes the importance of breaking tasks into manageable pieces, choosing them based on mood. This approach, she says, offers a sense of freedom and creativity. 

While the modern workplace environment poses challenges, with the right strategies and mindset, professionals can navigate them effectively.  

Read more about what causes procrastination and how to beat it in The Wall Street Journal.  

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