Four Easy Jobs and Side Gigs That Pay Well

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Our full-time jobs can often bleed into our day-to-day lives, often inhibiting our ability to have a propery work-life balance. However, there are careers that are not as stressful, and they pay well. Here are easy high-paying jobs, according to Flexjobs.  


Median income: $36,680  

This part-time gig is a great way to make extra cash and share your expertise with students in need. If you’re an aspiring teacher, it can give you the opportunity to develop your skills.  


Median income: $69,510 

Whether it’s freelance or full-time, this versatile skill can transcend industries. Some blogs may be looking for a contributor or non-profits might seek a grant writer.  

Animal & Wildlife Jobs 

Median income: $28,730 

While this may not be enough to rely on as your only source of income, working for animal rights nonprofits or sanctuaries, are great ways to supplement it. If you love your furry friends but want to stay at home, you can even become a content writer for  

Sports & Fitness 

Median income: $40,700 

Do you value an active lifestyle and wellness? Personal training or health coaching are both fun and rewarding jobs.  

Read more about easy jobs that pay well on Flexjobs.  

Low Stress High Paying Jobs, according to The Muse.

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