Five High-Paying Unique Dream Jobs

food technologist
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In the age of a remote work boom, people are more apt to pursue jobs that fulfill their dreams. However, some job seekers may not even know that these positions exist. Here are high-paying dream jobs, according to Yahoo Finance.  


Average Annual Salary: $53,760 

Are you a wine enthusiast? This job could be for you. Providing knowledge about the origins of the delectable drink for restaurant patrons and winery visitors can give them an optimum experience.  

Online Dating Ghostwriter 

Average Annual Salary: $54,205  

If you have creative writing skills and want to help another human find love, this job could be right up your alley. Capture your client’s personality and making it sound compelling will help you earn some extra cash.  

Food Technologist  

Average Annual Salary: $55,596  

This high-paying position is responsible for product testing and research to make sure that food products are high quality and meet safety standards.  

Ice Cream Taster  

Average Annual Salary: $68,970 

Taste-testing different flavors to evaluate their textures and quality to determine if these frozen desserts are up to par is the best way to make money and also treat your tastebuds.  

Crossword Puzzle Maker 

Average Annual Salary: $75,704  

If you have a way with words, and love a challenge, this job not only pays well but will keep your brain sharp. People with a good vocabulary and cognitive skills would thrive in this position.  

Read more about high paying jobs on Yahoo Finance.  

Jobs you never know existed.

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