Toska Restaurant in Mount Airy Provides Customers With Unique Albanian-Inspired Dishes


Pizza and beers at Toska Restaurant.
Image via Facebook.
Pizza and craft beers are very popular at Toska Restaurant & Brewery.

Pizza and beers are popular food and beverage options for many, but one Philadelphia restaurant, Toska, is giving those options a unique twist, says Aunyea Lachelle for NBC 10 Philadelphia.

Toska Restaurant & Brewery is the latest entrepreneurial venture for brothers Leo, Pep, and Jim Osmanollaj, and is the only Albanian-inspired restaurant currently in the Mount Airy and Germantown neighborhoods.

“That’s what Philly is,” said co-owner Leo Osmanollaj. “A lot of culture, a lot of traditions and we wanted to bring that here.”

The name “Toska” is derived from one of the dialects spoken in Albania.

From the pictures on the wall to the food and drinks on the menu, Toska pays homage to their Albanian culture and heritage. 

Its wood-fired pizzas include a variety of toppings, including suxhuk, an Albanian sausage.

There is also “The Philly,” which features white sauce, filet mignon, hot peppers, mushrooms, caramelized onions, with mozzarella cheese. 

Other dishes include the corn rib, chicken and french toast. 

Another key distinction of Toska is its variety of craft beers, which includes four IPAs and two ales, among other options. 

Similar to how Toska is a family affair, the Osmanollaj brothers want the establishment to be a place for everybody.

Learn more about Toska in NBC 10 Philadelphia.


Editor’s Note: This post first appeared on PHILADELPHIA Today in November 2023.

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