The Wall Street Journal Explores How One Philadelphia Woman Used Her Work Commute to Plan Her Wedding


Casey Sharbaugh, Philadelphia resident.
Image via Linkedin.
During her 90-minute commutes to and from work, Casey Sharbaugh planned her wedding.

People can have mixed feelings about their commutes to and from work, writes Ray A. Smith for The Wall Street Journal.

While some may dread a long commute, others find more use of the time to do productive things instead of scrolling apps or social media.

A key reason is that it allows some commuters to feel more in control.

Whether it’s a long everyday commute or hybrid, finding that balance is important. 

Such is the case for Philadelphia resident, Casey Sharbaugh, who has a 90-minute Amtrak commute from Philadelphia to New York City.

Sharbaugh found great use in her commute, as she used it to plan her own wedding. 

During her 90-minute commutes, she’d go over various wedding spreadsheets on her iPad and talk through decisions with her mother on FaceTime

“It is a great time to get those kinds of things done,” Sharbaugh said.

For her, the work commute is a good time to do as she calls it “life housekeeping,” which includes tending to personal emails, paying bills, scheduling appointments, and submitting paperwork.

If she gets through all that during her work commute, “it makes home time a bit more relaxing,” Sharbaugh said. 

Read more about how Sharbaugh and others manage their work commutes at the Wall Street Journal.


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