How Philadelphia is Working To Change the Narrative of the City For Outsiders


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in autumn overlooking Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
Image via iStock.
Philadelphia is showing positive prospect in multiple areas, but challenges still remain.

Now that Philadelphia has a new mayor and new public safety officials and things are improving, the city is hoping to change the negative narrative of the city for outsiders, writes Victor Fiorillo for the Philadelphia Magazine.

Philadelphia has been dealing with a gun crisis for years, with things becoming significantly worse during the pandemic. However, in 2022, the city saw its first decrease in homicides in years, with the number dropping from 562 in 2021 to 514. The following year brought another major dip, with homicides falling to 410. So far in 2024, Philadelphia has seen 34 percent fewer homicides compared to the same period in 2023.

In February, a new unit of the Philadelphia police department became operational. The Mobile Surge Team deploys extra officers on Friday and Saturday nights to known violent-crime hot spots. The city also plans to deploy 200 new officers this year to help make up for a shortage of squad cars on the streets.

Other changes are also being implemented.

Following an incident where a biker attacked a woman and her two children in a car, the police department stepped up efforts to combat illegal biking.

A new deputy police commissioner position was also created focusing solely on Kensington.

Read more about the efforts to change the narratives surrounding Philadelphia at Philadelphia Magazine.


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