West Philadelphia High School Has 14 Total Sets of Twins — 11 Student Sets, 3 Staff

West Philadelphia High School exterior.
Image via School District of Philadelphia.
West Philadelphia High School has entered this school year with 11 sets of student twins, and 3 staff.

If you were to walk the halls of West Philadelphia High School, you may think you’re seeing double. 

However, it’s just the fact that there are 14 sets of twins at the school, writes Kristen A. Graham for The Philadelphia Inquirer

Marla Travis, the school’s principal, is a twin herself.

“We were the Terrible Travis Twins,” said Travis, referring to herself and her twin brother, Mark Travis

As a longtime educator, she has never seen so many sets of twins at a single school during a single year. 

Whether identical or fraternal, each set of twins at the school has their own unique dynamics that set them apart from the rest.

For identical twins, Caren and Estrella Enriquez, each have tried forging their own paths, whether it’s dying their hair different colors, being in separate classes or wearing entirely different wardrobes. 

It’s a similar case with fraternal twins, Aminata and Malaou Sy.

They have completely different career paths in mind, with the former wanting to become a registered nurse, while the latter wanting to join the FBI. 

Then there are fraternal twins Jabril and Sa’iyd Harper-Haines, whom Jabril says “people always expect us to be together.”

Read more about the various sets of twins at West Philadelphia High at The Philadelphia Inquirer.


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