What’s The Best Way To Keep College Graduates in Philadelphia? The Key is to Focus on Talent

Campus Philly is dedicated to helping Philadelphia retain its talent.
Image via Campus Philly.
Philadelphia has some momentum in retaining its talent.

The latest Campus Philly study is now out and is showing positive momentum as it pertains to the retention rate of college students in Philadelphia, but it will take a concerted effort to keep the momentum going, writes Jennifer Johnson Kebea for Billy Penn at WHYY.

Campus Philly was founded in 2004 with the mission to fuel economic growth by encouraging college students to live and work in Philadelphia post-graduation.

The need was clear, as in the early 2000s, only 25% of the 300,000-plus graduates were choosing to stay in the region to launch their professional careers after graduating. 

Since Campus Philly’s launch, the retention rate has doubled to 50% and Philadelphia is among the cities with the highest growth rates of bachelor’s degree holders.

“While this growth and momentum is remarkable, looming questions arise regarding our region’s ability to sustain it,” said Johnson Kebea.

For her, the best way to ensure the momentum continues is by focusing on talent across three dimensions – building local talent, retaining talent, and attracting talent.

If other organizations in higher education and workforce development come together, things can likely continue going in a positive direction. 

Read more about Philadelphia can continue tapping into its talent pool in Billy Penn at WHYY.


Campus Philly wants to retain its talent.

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