Philadelphia Fashion Entrepreneur, Philomina Kane, Seeks Avenues to Grow KIN Apparel Brand

Philomina Kane is the founder of KIN Apparel.
Image via KIN Apparel.
Philomina Kane, fashion entrepreneur and founder of KIN Apparel.

Appearing on ABC hit show, “Shark Tank” in 2021 has been a big catalyst in helping Philomina Kane transform her small business in a matter of just a couple years, writes Lisa Dukart for The Philadelphia Business Journal

With a revenue of $1.2 million when she appeared on the show, it is expected to triple by the end of this year.

Kane is the founder and CEO of KIN Apparel, an online boutique aimed at creating functional and inclusive clothing and accessories.

She is looking to raise $2 million to help grow the business even further.

KIN Apparel is a finalist in the Black Ambition program created by Pharrell Williams, and has also received over $150,000 in grants and about $600,000 in revenue-based financing, in addition to an investment from her “Shark Tank” appearance.

 “Looking back at it now, ‘Shark Tank’ was everything,” said Kane. 

“Every time they aired us, we just saw the traffic on our site, and it directly correlated to sales,” she added.

Two years later, Kane is focusing now on growing the brand and the marketing behind it with increased funding.

Learn more about Philomina Kane’s journey with and visions for KIN Apparel at the Philadelphia Business Journal.


Philomina Kane appeared on “Shark Tank” in 2021.

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