Philadelphia Entrepreneur Launches Makeup Brand Focused on Sustainability 


Paige DeAngelo, the founder of sustainable makeup brand, Aer Cosmetics.
Image via Aer Cosmetics.
Paige DeAngelo has launched a new sustainable makeup brand.

As a Drexel University student, Paige DeAngelo was inspired by one particular assignment, writes Lisa Dukart for the Philadelphia Business Journal

She began reporting for one of the school’s TV shows, which had an emphasis on weather and sustainability.  

Offering tips to students on how to incorporate sustainability in an affordable way sparked something in her mind. 

“I realized one of the biggest wastes in my life was my makeup,” said DeAngelo. 

She then began trying to find makeup brands that offered sustainable alternatives. However, she was unable to find any. 

Therefore, she decided to create her own. 

DeAngelo is the founder of Aer Cosmetics, a sustainable makeup brand that features a tablet that users can activate by mixing it with the brand’s liquid solution inside a reusable, dishwasher-safe tube. 

Its first product is an organic, water resistant, vegan, cruelty-free mascara. 

According to estimates, roughly 106 million people used mascara in 2020 with consumers buying an average of two tubes a year. In addition, more than 200 million mascara tubes end up in landfills annually. 

“In terms of making an impact on our environment, I thought that would be the biggest,” said DeAngelo. 

Learn more about Aer Cosmetics, the new sustainability makeup brand that will soon be hitting the market at the Philadelphia Business Journal


Drexel University student creates first sustainable mascara.

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