At Liberty Coca-Cola, Sustainability is the Top Priority 


Coca-Cola produces several popular drinks.
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Liberty Coca-Cola packages, produces, and distributes more than 30 popular drinks.

The former Coca-Cola executives who co-founded Philadelphia-based regional bottler Liberty Coca-Cola in JuniataPaul Mulligan and Fran McGorry – did so with a purpose, writes Shivani Vora for Barron’s

“We are more than a beverage company – we are a purpose-led organization with a commitment to make a difference in the communities we live and work in by leading with the sustainability space,” said Mulligan, CEO.  

Liberty Coca-Cola, which is not owned or managed by the Coca-Cola Company, is responsible for distributing its beverages to restaurants, grocery stores, large institutions and other retailers. who then sell the products to consumers.  

Its packaging, production and distribution process carries other popular drinks, such as Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Dasani, and Powerade.  

Sustainability has been a top priority for Liberty Coca-Cola. 

To bolster its efforts toward a greener environment, Liberty Coca-Cola broke ground on a Quadgeneration Plant in its facility in Elmsford, New York.  

Once completed, it will independently generate electricity, heat, and cooling to power all the production in the building.  

“We do it because we believe in a circular economy and bettering the environment,” Mulligan said. 

Past sustainability efforts include distributing bottles made with 100% recycled material, investing in new technology, and introducing lower-emission delivery trucks.  

Learn more about how Liberty Coca-Cola is staying true to its mission of sustainability in Barron’s.  


Liberty Coca-Cola has added sustainability to its packaging.

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