Your Local Government Has Started Livestreaming. Is Anyone Tuning In?

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Livestreaming is no longer just a trend; it’s become a key technology bridging the gap between governments and their communities. Governments, regardless of their size, are embracing streaming for city council meetings to relay their messages more transparently and efficiently. Several forward-thinking organizations in Pennsylvania, including the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, have started official YouTube channels for this effort. This move is not just about keeping up with technology; it’s a testament to their commitment to transparency, accountability, and the provision of real-time, accurate information to their citizens.

Embracing the Digital Lifestyle

The way we live has seen a seismic shift with the infusion of technology in our daily routines. According to a Nielsen report, the average American is spending more than 10 hours a day online! The days of airing grievances physically at city hall seem like a relic of the past. Today, people are more inclined to voice their concerns via phone calls, tweets, or emails. When it comes to seeking information about community events, the first stop is online. Thus, streaming press conferences, town halls, and government meetings is a golden opportunity for governments and city councils to connect with their constituents right where they are.

Haverford Systems: Pioneering Budget-Friendly Streaming Solutions

Enter Haverford Systems, the Chester County-based audiovisual integration firm leading the charge in helping local governments in Pennsylvania jump on the livestreaming bandwagon. And the best part? It’s not about big budgets! Haverford Systems specializes in crafting solutions that are a fit for almost any budget, making streaming accessible to all.

A slew of new livestreaming technologies have made implementing easy to use video streaming systems more doable than ever before. For example, PTZOptics cameras are robotic cameras that can be placed in discrete locations and controlled by a joystick controller in a central location. Haverford Systems is capable of setting up fully automated systems that are able to automatically zoom into a specific location or speaker during presentations. Well-planned-out audiovisual systems make government livestream more engaging and easier for organizations to operate and provide value to the public. If you are new to livestreaming, Haverford Systems offers a Basics of Livestreaming guide you can download free here.

The Impact: A Closer Community

The adoption of streaming is making waves, not just in big cities but right here in our local communities in Pennsylvania. The response from the community is overwhelmingly positive, resonating with the desire for transparent and inclusive governance. The consistent and clear messaging that Haverford Systems ensures through its solutions is helping local governments become reliable sources of quality information in the community.

The adoption of livestreaming is reshaping the way local governments interact with their communities. It’s about more than just staying current with technology; it’s about fostering a deeper connection with constituents and enhancing civic engagement. Haverford Systems is at the forefront of this transformation, helping local governments harness the power of streaming to create a more informed and involved community. Keep an eye out for the next livestream from your local government — it’s your ticket to staying informed and involved!


R.T. Chalfant, an Integration Sales Account Manager at Haverford Systems, is the go-to expert for all things streaming. Raised in West Chester and a graduate of the Westtown School, R.T. combines his deep understanding of the local landscape with his passion for technology to deliver tailored streaming solutions to government agencies. He specializes in understanding the unique needs of each client, translating them into successful design and integration solutions that foster community engagement and transparency. When he’s not innovating, R.T. enjoys spending time with his family, cheering on Philadelphia sports teams, and embracing the great outdoors. With a rich history in the area and a knack for connecting customers with cutting-edge technologies, R.T. is a trusted partner for local governments looking to venture into the world of livestreaming.

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