Crystal Carson is a Full-Time Analyst, Single Mother and Advocate of Peirce College


Crystal Carson, Peirce Advocate
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Crystal Carson knew that going back to school was important for her ability to provide a better life and be an example for her son.

Crystal Carson knows how important flexibility is when it comes to college classes for a working mother.

As a single mother, she needed a curriculum that could fit her busy lifestyle. After meeting with a Peirce College advisor to discuss how the program works, she decided that Peirce would be a great fit for her.

Starting at Peirce in 2013, she enrolled in the Information Technology program but switched to the Associate in Arts in General Studies. However, once she completed her AA in General Studies in 2014, she decided to explore her passion for IT and re-enrolled in the AS in Information Technology program, which she completed in 2015.

Crystal continued her education at Peirce by completing the Bachelor’s in Integrated Leadership in 2016 and earned a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management in 2018. 

Prior to attending Peirce, Crystal worked as an accounts payable coordinator but was not certain about the direction of her career. She was inspired to go back to school to show her son the importance of an education. 

“My intention for going back to school was to create options for myself and break generational curses by becoming the first in my family to graduate college,” she said. 

Crystal also knew that going back to school was important for her ability to provide a better life and be an example for her son.

Since completing her degrees, Crystal’s son aspires to follow in her footsteps. He has already completed a summer program at the University of Pennsylvania and plans to attend college after graduating from high school. 

Crystal knew that she faced a lot of challenges as she earned her degree. Between work, family, and managing all of her responsibilities, balance was a struggle sometimes. 

“My overall Peirce experience was not always perfect,” she said. “There were many learning experiences, and even a few failed courses. But attending Peirce has been one of my greatest accomplishments.” 

Despite these setbacks, her tenacious spirit has always kept her going. Crystal credits that to the lessons her mother taught her while growing up. 

“My mother taught me how to play the acoustic guitar without knowing how to play herself,” she said. “My mother bought me a book, we learned to read music, and she made me practice almost every day.” 

She credits these life lessons with creating a sense of independence and the importance of teaching herself, which has helped her be successful.

Crystal is now leveraging the skills she learned at Peirce to advance her career. In her previous position as an accounts payable coordinator, she was an integral part of creating her company’s Diversity Committee. She also helped to facilitate a partnership with Peirce and her employer.

When her coordinator position was being outsourced, Crystal spoke with her manager and Human Resources about her skills and the education she gained at Peirce. Because of her knowledge and experiences, her company created a new position specifically for her as a Global Diversity Analyst. 

Crystal credits the support of the staff and flexibility of coursework as a part of her success at Peirce. She also received great assistance from the Center for Career and Professional Development, who provided help with her resume and interview prep, which led her to landing her current job.

She also speaks highly about professors, Dr. Charlene Glenn, and Dr. DeVida Rembert, for providing support and encouragement during challenging times. 

And for all her fellow Peirce students and the working adults considering going back to school, Crystal has some advice.

“No one can teach you, like you can teach you.” 


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