WHYY’s VP Sarah Glover Helps Public Media Platform Engage Its Listeners Every Day


Sarah Glover in a meeting
Image via NBC 10.
Sarah Glover, Vice President of News and Civic Dialogue at WHYY, shared how the media platform engages its listeners every single day.

WHYY, the public media organization, is truly embedded in the Philadelphia region, with many of its parts working hard to engage its listeners every single day, reports Aunyea Lachelle for NBC10 Philadelphia.

Sarah Glover joined WHYY in June 2022 as the organization’s Vice President of News and Civic Dialogue. She brought with her over two decades of experience in news, social media, and management.

“WHYY news is a public media organization and we serve the community,” said Glover. “We are in the business of public service journalism and that’s what gets me excited every day – the work that we do actually helps our audiences and serves news and information gaps and needs.”

WHYY recently brought on a new editorial director and a senior managing editor and is now putting the focus on storytelling.

“We’re really going deeper and making decisions around what’s the best stories that conserve our community and our listeners,” said Glover. “We’re producing reports that will air on radio, podcasts, digital, and we like to distribute that across social media so we’re really trying to reach consumers and audiences where they are.”

Watch the entire segment at NBC10 Philadelphia.

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