West Philadelphia Icon and Former 76ers Champion, Wali Jones, Receives Long-Awaited Mural Tribute

Mural honoring Wali Jones
Born and raised in West Philadelphia, Wali Jones, NBA champion turned community advocate, is honored with a mural in Philadelphia's Mantua neighborhood, symbolizing his fight against gun violence.

In Philadelphia’s Mantua neighborhood in West Philadelphia, a mural now graces the neighborhood, a tribute to Wali Jones, an NBA player with the Philadelphia 76ers.

This story, brought to light by NBC 10 Philadelphia, reveals that Jones’ influence extends beyond the court. Now 81, he’s a champion for youth and a voice against gun violence in his cherished West Philadelphia community.

Best known for his contributions as a guard for the Philadelphia 76ers, Wali Jones played a key role in helping the team win the 1967 NBA Championship.

Jones’ mission now is to guide the new generation, aiming to silence violence by inspiring them to reach for the stars. Tragically, gun violence has personally affected Jones, with his nephew falling victim two years ago. This has only fueled his determination to rally his community against this menace.

The mural, located at 37th and Mount Vernon streets, is a testament to Jones’ immense heart and dedication to his community.

Despite his 106-year-old father’s question about why it took over 50 years for this recognition, Jones remains humble, insisting the mural is not about him but represents his family and friends.

His ultimate goal is to pass the torch to the next generation of leaders, emphasizing the importance of nurturing our youth. The vibrant Mural Arts Philadelphia mural at Hub Playground is a fitting tribute to a man who continues to make a difference in his community.

Learn more the mural in Philadelphia’s Mantua district symbolizing Wali Jones’ fight against gun violence at NBC 10 Philadelphia.


Other than the Boston Celtics, the 1966-67 Philadelphia 76’ers were the only other NBA team to win a championship in the 1960s. The role Wali Jones player on that championship team is introduced at the 4:40 mark.

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