Here Are Some of the Best Places To Dine in University City


Chicken and waffles from Walnut Street Cafe
Image via Instagram, Walnut Street Cafe.
Walnut Street Cafe is one of the best places to eat in University City, with its all-day menu.

University City is filled with culinary delights and a nice mix of cafes, bars, and restaurants sure to satisfy anyone’s palate, writes Hira Qureshi for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

For a quick bite, the 24-hour Makkah Market is a solid option. Hearty meals at the market include lamb stew, chicken tawook, and kufta kebab for $10 or less. There are also tasty desserts, like baklava, rice pudding.

A good choice for cafes is Madis Coffee House, which serves up a variety of iced and hot beverages, from chocolate syrup-laden iced espresso to warming butterscotch caramel lattes and matcha. Or at ReAnimator Coffee, you can discover one of Philadelphia’s best espresso tonics, along with a selection of drip coffees and lattes.

If you’re in the mood for a hearty Palestinian feast, Renata’s Kitchen is your best choice. For brunch, maybe try the French toast with mango-pineapple chutney, shakshuka, and falafel platters, or a harissa-marinated chicken with grilled pita and zaa’tar-crusted branzino with hand-rolled maftool for dinner.

Walnut Street Cafe features an all-day menu with dishes like beet and pomegranate salad, steak frites, and summer squash lasagna. 

If you’re looking for a bar, Local 44, which features plenty of local brews, is your answer.

Read more about some of the best establishments to dine in University City at The Philadelphia Inquirer.


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