Philly Native, Penn Alum Sees 1,000% Increase in Overplay App Use Since Recent ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance


Overplay founders on "Shark Tank."
Image via Overplay Facebook
The founders of Overplay was recently on ABC show, "Shark Tank" and earned an investment from Mark Cuban.

Caroline Strzalka, a Philadelphia native and University of Pennsylvania alumna who co-founded the app Overplay, was recently on an episode of “Shark Tank.”

During her appearance on the hit ABC show, Mark Cuban invested $500,000 to help advance the app, leading to a major spike in usage, writes Ryan Mulligan for the Philadelphia Business Journal

The app had more than 175,000 downloads and 1.3 million games played prior to the episode airing. It has seen about a 1,000 percent spike in users and gameplay in the days since, according to Strzalka, with a sustained 200 percent daily increase in users.

“We’ve been riding the wave of Shark Tank since the airing,” she said. 

The Overplay app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, uses a no-code technology that allows any user to make their own video games in just a few minutes, overlaid on top of any video clip.

The startup is in the process of raising $5 million and has been fielding an influx of inquiries in the meantime.

The outreach Overplay has seen from content and ad agencies has Strzalka envisioning a future of travel to meet with potential investors, partners, and content creators. 

Read more about Overplay and its fundraising history before its “Shark Tank” appearance, as well as future plans, at the Philadelphia Business Journal


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