This Northeast Philadelphia Native Has Visited All 67 Pennsylvania Counties

Florence Gallagher, Philadelphia native whose traveled to every Pennsylvania county.
Image via The Keystone.
Florence Gallagher is a Northeast Philadelphia native who has visited all 67 counties in Pennsylvania.

Many decades ago, Northeast Philadelphia native Florence Gallagher set out on a quest to visit each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties and recently accomplished the feat, writes Patrick Berkery for The Keystone.

She began traveling throughout the greater Philadelphia area as a child before visiting Lancaster, Adams, and Centre counties during her high school years.

She found one glaring difference between the residents of Philadelphia, compared to those in other countries. 

“As much as I love Philadelphia — it’s my city — people are kinder once you get out of the Philadelphia area and into the smaller towns,” Gallagher said.

Among the coolest things she has experienced during her trips include the majestic trees and charming towns of Cameron and Forest counties; an eagle in Elk County; the Drake Well Museum in Venango County; and the Coudersport Ice Mine.

While she has seen a lot during her travels to the state’s 67 counties, Gallagher knows she hasn’t seen it all.

However, she wouldn’t change a thing about her journey.

“That’s the thing with all my trips. There’s always two or three things I try to see, but if I don’t, that’s OK. That’s because I usually see something else of interest I hadn’t planned on seeing,” Gallagher said.

Read more about Florence Gallagher’s journey through Pennsylvania in The Keystone.


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