Ready to Pursue Your Goals? Don’t Skip the Critical Step of Clarifying Your Resources


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Over the last few weeks, we’ve explored the fundamental principles of goal setting and the strategies needed to propel you toward achieving your ambitions. As we dive into this week’s discussion, our focus shifts toward determining the resources necessary on your path to success.

In last week’s article, you learned the importance of getting clear on your goals and the actions needed to achieve them. Once you’ve gotten clear on your action steps, it’s time to dive into a crucial aspect of goal achievement: resource allocation. It is essential to strategize and secure the necessary resources and support systems. Here’s a breakdown of how you can effectively set yourself up for success:

1. Enlist Your Support Network

Your first step is to carefully select a group of about three individuals who can support you in your journey. These should be people who not only encourage and support your ambitions but also hold you accountable to them. Opt for individuals who share your enthusiasm and will refrain from casting doubts on your goals. Take a moment to record their names and initiate open communication about your goals and the specific types of support you require. Ask them if they are willing and capable of assisting you in the ways you need.

2. Time Allocation and Scheduling

To move closer to your goals, it’s imperative to consider the amount of time you must dedicate to your endeavors. Refer to the action steps you’ve meticulously outlined. Regularly assess the daily, weekly, and even monthly time commitments necessary for goal attainment. Are adjustments to your existing schedule required as your priorities evolve? Identify areas where you might seek support or outsource tasks to free up more time for your objectives.

3. Financial Planning

No less significant is the financial aspect of your goal pursuit. Determine the precise monetary resources your goal necessitates and the sources from which you can acquire them. Sketch out a well-thought-out plan for securing the funding you need to realize your objectives. Assess potential income streams, savings, or investment opportunities that align with your financial requirements.

By addressing these critical aspects of resource allocation, you’ll be better positioned to embark on a path that maximizes your chances of success. Learn more at

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