Philadelphia-Based Health Insurance Tech Company, StretchDollar, Launches in Four States  

Stretch Dollars
Image via Stretch Dollars.
StretchDollar, a Philadelphia-based tech company, connects small businesses with employee health insurance plans.

Small businesses looking for a new way to set up their employees’ health insurance plans will soon have a new resource, writes Ryan Mulligan for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

StretchDollar, a Philadelphia-based health insurance tech company with a second headquarters in San Francisco, has recently launched in four states – Pennsylvania, Delaware, Illinois, and Colorado.  

The startup is the brainchild of its co-founder and CEO Marshall Darr.  

About a decade ago, he suffered a cut tendon in his finger shortly after obtaining a new job.  

He thought about how if the incident occurred just two weeks prior when he was not insured, he would have owed more than $44,000 in medical expenses.  

This sparked the idea of turning his focus to affordable health care and helping small businesses get enrolled into health care plans, alongside his business partner, Kaiza Molina

StretchDollar employs licensed brokers to help connect small business employees with health care plans suitable for them in a quick and easy way. 

Darr and Molina are looking to expand to three additional states by the end of 2023 and all 50 states by 2024.  

“Our goal is to get to a couple hundred companies on the platform by the end of the year,” said Darr. 

Learn more about this new health insurance tech company at the Philadelphia Business Journal.


StretchDollar simplifies the process of offering health benefits to employees.

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