Dodo Bagels Pop-Up Sees Major Rebrand, Rolls into West Philly

Cleo Bagels
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Alex Malamy’s popular pop-up Dodo Bagels on Baltimore Avenue has just become a brick-and-mortar shop under the new name Cleo Bagels.

Alex Malamy’s popular pop-up Dodo Bagels has just become a brick-and-mortar shop under a new name, Cleo Bagels, writes Maddy Sweitzer-Lammé for the Philadelphia Magazine.

Malamy’s pop-up gained traction as Philadelphians fell in love with his surprising versions of bagel sandwiches that incorporated ingredients such as lavender and togarashi.

Now, these same sandwiches have a permanent home at 5013 Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia.

Malamy started making bagels seven years ago in response to the lack of good options. He started doing it at home and he eventually connected with a local pizzeria that provided him with a mixer to use when they were closed.

“I was carting my dough in like a collapsible babushka cart to the pizzeria a mile away and mixing it in their 60-quart mixer and then carting it home,” he said.

He decided to open a brick-and-mortar location after being inspired by French bakeries during a trip. The new shop will start with six types of bagels and bialys.

His most popular sandwich from the pop-up days, The Ramen Thing, will also be on the menu.

Dive deeper into the savory world of Cleo Bagels in Philadelphia Magazine.

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