WSJ: University of Pennsylvania Architecture Chair Installs Tesla Solar Roof, With Unexpected Delays

Winka Dubbeldam poolside with her dog
Image via The Wall Street Journal.
Winka Dubbeldam, of the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design, poolside. Dubbeldam installed a new Tesla solar roof on her home, but it took longer than expected.

Winka Dubbeldam, chair of the architecture program at the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design, installed a new, $78,000 Tesla Solar Roof on her Long Island home, but the process took much longer than she expected, writes Fred A. Bernstein for The Wall Street Journal.

Dubbeldam decided to add photovoltaic panels while renovating her home to reduce carbon emissions and her electric bills. Then she heard about Tesla’s Solar Roof, which is made out of small photovoltaic panels that resemble glass roof tiles.

She decided to give it a try, so in late 2020, she paid a small deposit to Tesla. After that, nothing happened for nearly a year.

“I almost canceled because I thought, ‘These people are not real,’” she said.

The company finally began planning her installation in the summer of 2021. However the discussion on whether the entire roof will be the same took months. Then the work finally started.

Today, Dubbeldam has a brand new roof that looks great and has led to a drastically lower electricity bill.

Read more about the process in The Wall Street Journal.


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