This University City Bed & Breakfast is a Gem in More Ways Than One


Inside The Gables Bed and Breakfast.
Image via The Gables Bed and Breakfast Philadelphia, Facebook.
The Gables Bed and Breakfast in University City is a gem, and led by the Gonzales family.

The Gables Bed & Breakfast in University City is housed inside an opulent mansion that can be considered a hidden gem of hospitality, writes Natalie Jason for 6abc.

The bed and breakfast is owned and operated by the Gonzales family, who immigrated to the United States from the Philippines.

The patriarch, Cesar J. Gonzales Jr., handles the business side and oversees operations alongside his family members.

“I came to this country with 25 cents and a high school degree, and we’ve been fortunate to have people mentor us, give us opportunity,” said Gonzales.

The location features 10 guestrooms and furnishings of the Victorian era. There, Gonzales also serves the self-cooked breakfasts, which often showcase Filipino dishes in addition to the full American breakfast.

In addition to the bed and breakfast, the Gonzales family also operates The Gables at Stirling Guest Hotel in Reading. The venue has since become a popular site for wedding and events.

It’s also where the family does a lot of their charity work.

“We grew up very poor, so I’ve seen that with my parents,” said Gonzales. “always trying to help others.”

Read more about The Gables Bed & Breakfast, how the family behind it makes it such a gem in 6abc.


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