Cheese Lovers Rejoice! Philadelphia Now Has A New 24/7 Cheese Vending Machine


A cheese dispensary.
Image via Perrystead Dairy, Instagram.
Perrystead Dairy has launched a new 24/7 cheese dispensary in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia-based Perrystead Dairy recently unveiled the city’s first 24/7 cheese vending machine, writes Alex Mitchell for the New York Post.

The vending machine has already received positive raves and has attracted customers at all hours of the night.

The vending machine now allows Perrystead Dairy to sell many of its high end cheeses robotically.

“I’m selling coast to coast, but I operate within a community,” said Perrystead founder, Yoav Perry.

In addition to a variety of cheeses, the machine also includes hams, chorizo, crackers, preserves, and the brand’s “really Philly schmear” cream cheese. 

“We want to give something to the neighborhood,” Perry added.

To this end, the state-of-the-art vending machine even includes charcuterie boards available in marble, wood, or slate.

Perry highlighted that cheese knives are the next item to be stocked.

In such a short period of time, the vending machine has led to Perrystead gaining a new audience for its internationally awarded products.

Some of these products include Moonrise, a 35-day aged blend of French calf rennet and Iberian cardoon thistle flowers, and Treehug.

The latter is a gooey concoction wrapped in bark that is only available in the winter. 

Moving forward, Perry plans to look into adding more local cheeses and experiment with new recipes.

Read more about Philly’s new cheese vending machine at the New York Post.


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