Inside Fat Lady Brewing, One of Philly’s Only Women-Owned Breweries


People enjoying inside Fat Lady Brewing
Image via Fat Lady Brewing Facebook.
Owner Jane Lipton opened Fat Lady Brewing in 2021. It is one of the few women-owned breweries in the region.

On Main Street in Manayunk sits Fat Lady Brewing, one of the few women-owned breweries in Philadelphia and the entire Delaware Valley, reports Howard Monroe and Scott Hezlep for CBS News Philadelphia

Owner Jane Lipton founded Fat Lady Brewing in 2021, and she did so to create an establishment that is fitting and welcoming for everyone.

“Groups of women love coming to Fat Lady Brewing because our tables aren’t right up on each other; there’s room, it’s friendly, it’s open,” said Lipton.

Being a part of a male-dominated industry isn’t lost on Lipton.

“You know, we tend to think of a beer as being a man’s drink or a sports-related drink, right? We tend to think of it that way. Come into Fat Lady Brewing, half our clientele are women,” she added.

Fat Lady Brewing also hosts several weekly and monthly events within its massive space.

Some of the events include an open-mic comedy night; open-mic acoustic music; athletic competitions, such as cornhole; Quizzo; Burlesque shows; and swing dancing. The space has also been used to host private parties.

Read more about Fat Lady Brewing and how it ensures it’s a space for not only women, but everyone, on CBS News Philadelphia


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