How Saxbys Has Become a Catalyst Toward Building the Next Generation of Business Leaders


Saxby is a coffee company turned education company for many college students.
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Saxbys about two dozen student-led locations at college campuses.

During a recent visit to Saxbys at Drexel University’s campus, Stan Silverman was taken aback by the great customer service and hospitality, he writes for the Philadelphia Business Journal.  

It made him think about the several columns he had previously written about the positive impact Saxbys’ has on developing young business leaders. 

Since opening its first location at Drexel in May 2015, Saxbys’ has grown to 23 student-led locations on college campuses in the region.  

Nick Bayer, Saxbys CEO, said that he decided to engage in having student-led Saxbys to provide them with experiential learning opportunities.  

“These students get the opportunity to see how a strong and focused organizational culture successfully drives a business,” he said.

For Bayer, Saxbys has transformed from a coffee company to an education company.  

Tauheed Baukman can attest to this point, as he was selected to run the second Saxbys café at Drexel as a 20-year-old student.  

He has since led 21 employees, all of whom are Drexel students. 

The experience has taught him a lot. 

“You learn to lead by example, be consistent, honest with yourself and transparent with your team members,” he said.  

Ultimately, the experience has turned him into a leader. 

Learn more about how Saxbys develops young entrepreneurial business leaders at the Philadelphia Business Journal.  


Nick Bayer, Founder and CEO of Saxbys®, speaks on the mission of his growing business.

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