The Lightning House at Germantown’s Awbury Arboretum Represents an Appreciation for Public Art


A new public art and performance space.
Image via the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.
The Lightning House is a new public art and performance space in Germantown.

Having places within the city that can provide family fun for people of all ages is important, says Jennaphr Frederick for FOX29.  

The Lightning House is one of the newest finds of that sort in the city. 

Unveiled in September 2023, The Lightning House is a new public art and performance space meant to spark interest in reforestation across Philadelphia

The Lightning House space is located at the Awbury Arboretum on Washington Lane in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood. 

Awbury Arboretum is an open community hub that sparks activity, education, and collaboration. 

The Lightning House adds yet another opportunity for that. 

It’s sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and is under the umbrella of PHS’ multi-year public art project, called S(tree)twork. The aim of that project is to build awareness for trees and community in Philadelphia through art.  

Getting people interested in forestation isn’t always easy, so members of its staff try to inspire people through things like art and culture.  

The activities are plentiful for anyone who attends. 

All in all, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and Awbury Arboretum aim to increase the number of trees within neighborhoods throughout the city.

Learn more about the Lightning House and Awbury Arboretum in FOX29.  


Awbury Arboretum in Germantown.

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