Behind the Scenes in Northeast Philly’s Presidential Flag-Making Shop


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Linda Farrell is one of the 13 people who work at the Defense Logistic Agency's Flag Room in Oxford Circle. The Northeast Philadelphia workshop is the exclusive provider of presidential and vice presidential flags in the United States.

Oxford Circle in Northeast Philadelphia is home to the place that is exclusively responsible for making presidential and vice presidential flags, writes Matteo Iadonisi for 6 ABC.

“I mean, it’s a dream job,” said Duwenavue Sante Johnson about the Defense Logistic Agency’s Flag Room. “Working with the President and the Vice President’s flags allows us to express our gratitude, our thanks, our creativity, and be part of the American identity.”

Johnson is one of 13 people who are working at the small shop. The tradition started in South Philadelphia at least 170 years ago.

“Really, we like to trace our origins back to the Schuylkill Arsenal, which was originally founded in 1799, later renamed Quartermaster Depot,” said Adam Walstrum, the Flag Room Supervisor.

The Schuylkill Arsenal gained fame after it outfitted the Lewis and Clark expeditions and was responsible for making clothing and textiles for the military.

Echoes of that tradition still exist in today’s Flag Room, where a single piece is worked on for months by hand-embroiderers.

The room represents one of the great contributions that the City of Brotherly Love continues to make to the nation’s history.

Learn more about the Flag Room, its rich history, and see how they’re made on 6 ABC.

A more in-depth look of The Flag Room.

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