URBN Opens Reclectic, a New Concept Store for Pre-Loved and Discounted Item


woman sorting through the racks of a Reclectic store.
Image via The Philadelphia Inquirer.
URBN has opened Reclectic, a new secondhand store that aims to reach Gen Zers with cheaper offerings of its brands’ products.

Last Thursday, Navy Yard-based URBN opened Reclectic, a new concept store to sell items that have cycled through its clothing rental program, Nully, along with product samples, slightly damaged merchandise, and products that have not sold from the retailer’s other brands, like Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban Outfitters, writes Ariana Perez-Castells for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“We’re seeing a greater willingness from our customers to try out pre-loved items or salvage pieces with minor damages,” said Joanna Matthy, senior director at URBN and lead strategist behind Reclectic.

The items at the new store at Philadelphia Mills mall will be discounted by up to 60 percent.

The merchandise being sold “still has life in it but isn’t necessarily something we can sell in one of our typical channels,” said Matthy.

The store is located in a 40,000-square-foot retail space that was previously home to an Anthropologie pop-up furniture event. The pop-up sold out within the first 24 hours before being restocked.

The new concept is aimed at Gen Z and its “fervor for thrifting,” according to the retailer. In 2021, Gen Z represented more than 40 percent of secondhand fashion consumers worldwide.

Read more about the new Reclectic store at Philadelphia Mills mall in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


Editor’s Note: This post first appeared on PHILADELPHIA Today in August 2023.

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