Tree House Books in North Philly Has Something For Book Lovers Of All Ages


Two women holding up books
Image via Tree House Books, Facebook.
Tree House Books is a North Philadelphia-based organization that offers books and programs suitable for people of all ages.

Tree House Books, a North Philadelphia organization, is preparing to give away new books as the school year is coming to a close.

The organization is doing so just in time for kids’ summer reading lists, writes Shara Dae Howard for KYW Newsradio.

Michael Brix with Tree House Books explains that the goal is to get kids and the community reading more.

This spring, the organization is gearing up its efforts to encourage people to pick up a book.

“This spring, we’re going to be entering our after-school program. Also, the giving library is going to be open after school for kids if they want to come by,” Brix said.

Dime and JM, teens from Philadelphia, were walking one day and drawn to a colorful bookshelf standing outside the nonprofit with a sign that read, “FREE!”

They both picked up a few books and became enamored with the books they discovered, allowing them to imagine places they’ve never been.

Tree House Books also has stuff for adults, as well.

“We do these quarterly book swaps, and they pop up all around town.” said Brix. “We’d love for you folks to come by. It’s a great opportunity for you to come and meet other book lovers.”

Read more about Tree House Books and its spring and summer programs in KYW Newsradio.


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