Philly Residents Are Better Educated Than Ever, But Incomes Still Lag, Pew Study Finds


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The latest Pew report found that Philadelphians are as educated as ever before.

Pew Charitable Trust has released its latest ‘State of the City’ report and it found that while Philadelphians are more educated than ever before, incomes are not reflected in that reality, writes Kristin Hunt for PhillyVoice.

Despite modest increases, median household incomes in Philadelphia remain well below national averages and amongst its peer cities.

Drawing on U.S. Census data, Pew found that the percentage of city residents 25 and older with at least a bachelor’s degree reached a record 36.3 percent in 2022. 

Among Millennials and Generation Z – ages 25 to 34 – more than half had obtained a bachelor’s degree.

On the other hand, wages have increased only modestly. 

While the median household income in Philly grew by 7 percent between 2021 and 2022 to $56,517, its median household income was still far below the national average of $74,755.

“The trends that have given the city a sense of dynamism in recent years — including its increasingly well-educated and diverse population— show no signs of weakening,” the report reads. “But Philadelphia’s persistent problems remain as well, threatening to undermine any sense of progress.”

Read more about how Philadelphia fares in education and income compared to its peer cities in PhillyVoice.


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