Ivy League Universities, Like Penn, Offer A Better Return For Your Investment Than Most Colleges


University of Pennsylvania Campus
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Penn has the second-most return for investment among the 8 Ivy League universities.

A new Bloomberg report suggested that the eight Ivy League universities have a better return on investment than many other four-year colleges, writes Tori Latham for Robb Report.

According to an analyst, elite institutions have a typical 10-year ROI of $265,500, which is twice the return of 63 other top private colleges and nearly three times the median of all other schools included in Bloomberg’s research. 

Of the eight Ivy League universities, the University of Pennsylvania has the second-most return on investment at $280,000.

Atop the list is Princeton University with an impressive $340,000 ROI.

Third on the list is Harvard University (with a $275,000 ROI), followed closely by Yale ($267,000 ROI) and Columbia ($264,000 ROI). 

Penn has the highest median earnings, at $103,246. It’s the only school with a six-figure salary. 

Second on that list is Princeton with $95,698 a year.

Most other institutions sit between $20,000 to $40,000, while grads from other Ivies earn between $80,000 and $90,000.

To calculate these numbers, Bloomberg used data from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce

It doesn’t include students who paid full price to attend school. The data instead encompasses those who received some financial aid from the university. 

Read more about where Ivy League schools fairs on ROIs in Robb Report.


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