These 2 Philadelphia Restaurants Are the Most Expensive in Pennsylvania


A steak from Barclay Prime and pasta from Vetri Cucina.
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Barclay Prime and Vetri Cucina are known for their high-quality cuisine, but the two restaurants also hold the distinction as the most expensive in the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is rich with a multitude of high-quality dining establishments that make the state well-regarded for its culinary scene.

Among the countless restaurants throughout the Commonwealth, two in Philadelphia have consistently stood out as the most expensive — Barclay Prime and Vetri Cucina, writes the PureCountry1067 team.

Barclay Prime, located in Rittenhouse Square, is known for its opulent ambiance and exquisite menu.

One particular feature in its menu that stands out to guests are its $140 cheesesteaks.

Other items that stand out include the Japanese wagyu steaks priced at over $200, and a $185 seafood platter. 

Vetri Cucina, located in Center City, has also been deemed among the most expensive eateries in the state.

The menu features predominantly Italian dishes. 

The restaurant offers guests a fixed price of $165 per person for a four-course tasting menu that includes antipasti, pasta, secondi, and dolce.

While the two aforementioned restaurants are among the priciest in the state, they epitomize the premium dining experiences and chef artistry and dedication that can be found throughout the Philadelphia dining scene. 

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