Philadelphia Eagles Named the NFL’s Most Fashionable Team in New Study


DeVonta Smith walking while wearing a dapper suit
Image via Facebook, Eagles Nation
DeVonta Smith was crowned the ‘The Most Stylish NFL Player’ by GQ Magazine last year. He just so happens to play for the most fashionable team in the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Fashion experts at recently conducted a study on the most fashionable teams in the NFL, and the Philadelphia Eagles took the top spot.

To conduct the study, the men’s activewear brand analyzed the global search volume of various fashion-related terms for each NFL team, including ‘X fashion’ and ‘X outfits’, also used to examine each player for each team.

The volume for every term was combined to determine the final ranking. 

The Eagles topped the list as the most fashionable team in the NFL with an average monthly search volume of 82,524.17. In connection, Eagles’ wide receiver, DeVonta Smith, recently received recognition for his style, as he was crowned ‘The Most Stylish NFL Player’ by men’s fashion magazine, GQ

He’s especially renowned for his suits. 

“With players like DeVonta Smith being named GQ’S Most Stylish NFL Player … it’s always exciting to see how they represent themselves off the field when they’re not wearing their uniforms,” said a spokesperson for BoohooMAN.

The Detroit Lions ranked second in the list, with the Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, and Cincinnati Bengals rounding out the top five. 

The top 10 also included the San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, and Buffalo Bills

Learn more about the men’s activewear brand that ranked the NFL’s most fashionable teams at BoohooMAN


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