Philadelphia Eagles Have the Second Most Loyal Fans in the NFL, According to Recent Study


A wideshot of an Eagles game with thousands of fans
Image via Facebook.
The Philadelphia Eagles have among the best fans in the entire NFL.

Bookmaker review site Smart Betting Guide recently released a study that highlighted the most loyal fanbases in the NFL, and the Philadelphia Eagles ranked second in the league.

The researchers analyzed eight metrics, such as social media followers, engagement and average likes, the average home, away and total attendance, and the average money spent on merchandise annually, in addition to food and drinks at games.

Each metric was given a score out of 10, with a maximum score of 80.

The Eagles earned an overall score of 51.54.

Online Eagles fans earned a 2.62% engagement rate, one of the highest in the league, and the highest number of average likes on posts at 72,831. 

The Eagles have an average attendance of 69,439, which is on par with the league average of about 69,441.

“Fans are the heartbeat of the NFL … Their dedication and loyalty are the foundation of the league,” said a spokesperson for Smart Betting Guide.

The Eagles trail only the Dallas Cowboys as the team with the most loyal fanbase in the NFL, as they have the highest average attendance at home (93,465) and in total (82,915), spend an average of $189.76 on merchandise, and $117.27 on food and drink inside the stadium.

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