This Northeast Philadelphia TikToker Creates New Form of ‘Math’ That’s All About Philly


Stephanie Powley, @stephunnyjane on TikTok.
Image via Linkedin.
Stephanie Powley, a local TikTok star, creates new Philly-centric trend.

A local TikToker has been getting quite the praise with her new trend in honor of fellow Philadelphians, writes 6abc.  

Stephanie Powley, whose TikTok name is @stephunnyjane, has started a new trend called “Philly math.” 

The trend is a play on the kinds of “math” that explains and rationalizes certain situations. Others may be familiar with “girl math” or “boy math.” 

“Philly math” can be described as a form of math that only Philadelphians can truly understand. 

For example, in one TikTok video, Powley explains, “Philly math is 13 plus one equals Broad.” 

This equation refers to the fact that Broad Street is technically equivalent to 14th Street. 

Other examples include knowing the exact speed limit to avoid getting a ticket on Roosevelt Boulevard and assuming that bobbing and weaving on the Schuylkill will help change your arrival time.  

When asked what inspired her to create this new math technique, the Philadelphia native’s response was rather straightforward. 

“I do it because I love Philly. I love our city, its people, sports, sports fans,” Powley said.  

Making Philly-centric videos is something that she hopes to continue as a way to connect with more fellow Philadelphians and grow her TikTok platform.  

Learn more about the new “Philly math” phenomenon in 6abc


TikToker Stephanie Powley has created “Philly math.”

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