Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Launches New Publication Highlighting Latino Entrepreneurship


Jennifer Rodriguez, President and CEO of the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
Image via the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.
The Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has launched a new publication that highlights the success and challenges of the region's Latino business community.

The Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has launched Exito, a new publication to help champion and empower Philadelphia’s growing Latino business community, writes Jennifer Rodriguez for Metro Philadelphia.

The publication provides a platform dedicated to sharing the stories, experiences, and triumphs of Hispanic entrepreneurs while addressing the unique challenges they face.

The name ‘Exito’ translates from Spanish to “success,” which is a direct correlation to the publication’s mission to celebrate and amplify the achievements of Latino entrepreneurs in the region.

The new publication is focused on delivering content that serves as both inspiration and a practical guide for Latino entrepreneurs navigating the challenges of the business world. 

It will cover a variety of topics, such as success stories and industry trends, and provide valuable insights into business development, marketing strategies, financial management, and access to resources.

“The chamber acknowledges the critical need to establish a dedicated space for Latino entrepreneurs to connect, share insights, and navigate the intricate landscape of business ownership,” Rodriguez wrote. 

The new publication is an extension of the Chamber’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive business environment

“As the publication evolves … it will be a cornerstone for Latino entrepreneurs in the Philadelphia Metro area,” wrote Rodriguez.

Read more about ‘Exito’ and its mission to highlight and amplify the region’s Hispanic business community at Metro Philadelphia


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