Here Are 2 Cozy Bars and Restaurants in Philadelphia


The Ranstead Room interior.
Image via Instagram, The Ranstead Room
The Ranstead Room is Philadelphia’s best-kept nightlife secret.

The qualities that make a restaurant feel warm and cozy can range from dim flattering lights and a great playlist to strong cocktails and welcoming hospitality and service, writes Emily Kovach for PA Eats

Philadelphia has a few restaurants that fit that description.

One is The Ranstead Room.

Located in Center City behind the Mexican-inspired taco joint El Rey, the speakeasy lounge also features an accessible back alley.

According to its website, The Ranstead Room is “Philadelphia’s best-kept nightlife secret.”

However, the main focus is the assortment of cocktails and an atmosphere that sets the table for a nice, private conversation.

There is also Wm. Mulherin’s Sons in the Fishtown neighborhood. 

This restaurant features a fireplace and a big leather chair, two components that give the term “cozy” its very definition.

The pizza and pasta spot also has an upstairs hotel, an added layer of coziness for the establishment.

Read more about the more cozy bars and restaurants in Philadelphia and across the state of Pennsylvania in PA Eats.


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