How Comcast Has Evolved Into a Global Media and Tech Giant, and Why Philadelphia Remains Its ‘Heart and Soul’


People clapping at a Comcast event
Image via Comcast X/Twitter
Comcast has evolved into a global giant and many factors play into the reason why, and it's all about pleasing the customers.

Comcast recently invited out-of-town investors and reporters for a Converge event that gave them a peek at what happens at its home base in Philadelphia, writes Lizzy McLellan Ravitch for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

For Philadelphians, Comcast has a connotation relevant to cable and internet, its largest employer based, and two large Center City buildings. For others, however, Comcast may only be widely known for its connection to NBCUniversal or Peacock

While Comcast has cemented itself as the adoptive parent of established production brands, popular shows, award-winning movies, and hot-ticket theme parks, CEO Brian Roberts highlighted that the corporation’s “heart and soul” will remain in Philadelphia

Since being founded in 1963 and going public in 1972, Comcast has obtained a number of acquisitions, leading to it becoming a media giant not only in Philadelphia, but nationally, and eventually, globally. 

“Compared to other cable companies, they are very forward-thinking, especially when it comes to technology and consumer pain points,” said Avi Greengart, a consumer-technology analyst, said of Comcast.

Entertainment and broadband are two key factors that will remain at the core of Comcast, all through innovation.

“We’re betting on a future that demands way more connectivity because so many more bits travel across our network every year,” Roberts said.

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