Philadelphia is Home to 2 of the Best Bakeries in Pennsylvania


Slices of pound cake from Stock's Bakery
Image via Stock's Bakery.
Stock's Bakery has been a staple in Philadelphia since 1924, and, according to The Keystone, is one of the best bakeries in Pennsylvania.

Whether you are looking for somewhere to buy delicious cookies or cupcakes, Pennsylvania isn’t short on great bakeries.

The Keystone has compiled a list of the 13 best bakeries in Pennsylvania.

In addition to the bakery selections, The Keystone staff also made recommendations on what to order and a Yelp review that highlights what makes each bakery so great. 

Two Philadelphia bakeries found their way onto the list. 

At No. 10 on the list is Mighty Bread Company.

The South Philadelphia neighborhood bakery is known for its small batch, naturally leavened breads, inventive baked goods, and delicious food.   

One menu recommendation is the Rosemary Peppercorn Sourdough. 

Nick N, a Yelp reviewer, called Mighty Bread Company, “The only place that I get my sourdough from. PERIOD.”

The second-best bakery on the list of Stock’s Bakery.

Located in Port Richmond, the bakery was founded in 1924 by Josef Stock.

Over its century-long history, Stock’s Bakery has spanned five generations of family.

The bakery offers an array of cakes, pastries, and various other desserts. 

According to Yelp reviewer, Gina Marie S., the bakery “has earned a place in pound cake history. … They began selling pound cake around 1945, a dessert traditionally made at home. I’m so glad they did!” 

Read more about The Keystone’s ranking of the best bakeries in Pennsylvania, two of which are in Philadelphia, in The Keystone.


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