Vetri Cucina Celebrates 25 Years in Philadelphia’s Food Scene

A plate of pasta from Vetri Cucina.
Image via Vetri Cucina.
Vetri Cucina in Center City celebrated 25 years in Philadelphia this past September.

It was in 1998 that Marc Vetri first opened the doors to his restaurant Vetri Cucina on Spruce Street in Center City, writes Alicia Vitarelli for 6abc

He recalls having about 11 reservations during his first day, and now 25 years have passed before he even knew it.

Vetri’s entrepreneurial spirit and history with food can be credited to his father, Sal.

His father is the brains behind Sal’s Famous Meatballs. 

As part of the 25th anniversary of the restaurant, Marc has asked customers to borrow the hand-painted menus, which he now uses as art displays within the interior.

“I’m so lucky, because I found something that I really love. I stuck everything into it,” said Marc Vetri.

Vetri has become a staple of Philadelphia’s food scene over the years, as he was the owner of Amis Restaurant, which closed a few years ago.

He is also the owner of Pizzeria Salvy in Center City, as well as Fiorella in Queen Village.

The latter will see a Las Vegas expansion in the coming months — his third venture in The Sin City.

“It’s really awesome to have East Coast restaurants and West Coast restaurants, the same ones,” he said. 

Learn more about Marc Vetri and his venture to becoming a Philadelphia culinary scene staple in 6abc.


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