Philadelphia Roundup — An Emphasis on Awards, and a Touch of History and Food

Thanksgiving Cheese Box Collection from Perrystead Dairy in Philadelphia.
Image via Perrystead Dairy.
As a recipient of a 2023 World Cheese Award, Perrystead Dariy has developed a new Thanksgiving Cheese Box Collection.

This latest edition of “The Philadelphia Roundup” is liable to catch your attention.

This applies to if you are a fan of music, awards, history, or food.

Here are some cool Philly-centric briefs.

Philly Musicians Represented Among Nominations

Philadelphia-connected nominees were aplenty on the 2024 Grammy Award list, write Dan DeLuca and Peter Dobrin for The Philadelphia Inquirer

Among this year’s nominees with Philly ties include Black Thought, the Philadelphia Orchestra, Adam Blackstone, and Lucy Dacus.

Read more about the 2024 Grammy nominees at The Philadelphia Inquirer

Eagles’ Lane Johnson’s Involvement With Gold Star Family Initiative

Lane Johnson has long had mental health challenges and one of the ways he likes to cope is by being of service, says Jay Glazer for FOX Sports.

He particularly wants to be of service to those who service others.

To this end, Johnson regularly invites a Gold Star recipient to Eagles games throughout the season as a way to show gratitude.

Read more about Lane Johnson’s Gold Star Family Initiative in FOX Sports.

A 50-Year Return to China

The Philadelphia Orchestra took a history-making trip to China in 1973 and five decades a group of 13 orchestra members are marking the anniversary of the trip with another, writes Ken Moritsugu for Yahoo

The goal this time around, like the first one, is to try and bring the United States and China closer together in the midst of current political disagreements.

While the world is a very different place and the orchestra is very different today than it was then, some things remain the same.

Read more about the Philadelphia Orchestra’s upcoming China visit in Yahoo.

Are You a Cheese Lover?

Three local cheese makers won medals at the 2023 World Cheese Awards, including the Kensington-based Perrystead Dairy, writes Craig Laban for The Philadelphia Inquirer

Jake Heller, who works at Perrystead also took second place in the Young Cheesemonger of the Year competition. 

The company has decided to assemble its award-winning cheeses into a Thanksgiving Cheese Box. 

Read more about how the company is honoring cheese at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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