Closed Since the Start of the Pandemic, Royal Tavern is Reopening With an Updated Menu and Vision

The exterior of Royal Tavern.
Image via Facebook.
Royal Tavern shut its doors at the onset of the pandemic, and is reopening nearly 4 years later.

It has been 43 months since Royal Tavern closed its doors due to the pandemic, and now nearly 4 years later, it’s seeing a soft reopening, writes Ali Mohsen for Billy Penn at WHYY.

The South Philadelphia bar is owned by Stephen Simons and David Frank, who spent their pandemic focusing on their other, more takeout-friendly restaurants. 

In its reopening, Royal Tavern will include new features in both its interior and its menu.

A constant, however, will be its Royal Burger.

The namesake burger features a beef patty topped with smoked gouda, chili mayo, caramelized onion, pickled long hots, and bacon on a sesame seed bun with malt vinegar mayo.

Royal Tavern is also adding Nic Macri as its new executive chef. He’s planning to bring porchetta, smoked beef round, and homemade sausages and charcuterie as part of a rotating selection of accouterments and local cheeses.

The menu features some vegan and various beverage options, as well. 

A grand reopening is set for early December.

“We’re just ready to get back into that. Your local bar on the block that you just love to walk to, and go get a great meal,” said Sam Benson, Royal Tavern’s general manager.

Read more about what to expect from the new, post-pandemic version of Royal Tavern in Billy Penn at WHYY.


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