Philadelphia’s Irish Memorial is Moving to a New Temporary Location


The Irish Memorial bronze statue.
Image via Facebook.
The Irish Memorial has been in Philadelphia since 2003.

The Irish Memorial had stood at Front and Chestnut Streets for 20 years, but is temporarily being moved to a new location, writes Fionnuala Boyle for Irish Star

During the I-95 highway construction, the bronze statue will be moved to a new spot at Foglietta Plaza on Front and Spruce Streets. 

The Irish Memorial pays tribute to the millions of innocent men, women, and children who passed away between 1845 and 1850, and the many Irish immigrants who fled to the United States amid The Great Famine

Since it was erected in 2003, the statue has held significant value to the city’s Irish community. 

“It is always amazing and humbling when you find out how much the Irish Memorial means to people that you never knew,” said Bob Gessler, president of the board for the Irish Memorial. 

The Board is committed to ensuring that the Irish Memorial won’t be diminished by the move, or any other factors.

“Our vision is to incorporate what we have learned as stewards of the Memorial to make the new site even more inviting, engaging, and lasting,” said Gessler. 

The temporary location is expected to last a few years before returning to its original location.

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